AdBlock for Google Chrome 2014

AdBlock for Google Chrome 2014

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AdBlock for Chrome 2014

AdBlock Web page with Google Chrome plug-in to protect yourself against intrusive advertising.
Easily from a website annoying flash banners and pop – up ad blocker that allows you to remove:, now you can easily add to Google Chrome and Firefox do with olabiliradblock Plus.
adblock to get rid of annoying advertising almost automatically offers plenty of features. If you want clean, white and black lists you can extend yourself with the various filter lists have arasındaseç.
However, even a form on a website advertising plugs, bukısayol “can with Ctrl | Shift | K a rapid clip« deal.
The new version 2 of a page before downloading Adblock blocks advertising. Böylecerahatsız surg-site advertising is not installed even faster builds up and can take up less bandwidth.
Eğerüreticininoffcial any changes to the changelog gördüğünüzgüncel version.
The result: less data needs to be installed, because the ads and intrusive pop – up olmadansörf only fun, but at the same time is faster.
Note: The download linkichro will take you to the Chrome Web Store. From there, you can install extensions with a single click.


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