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Google Chrome sees and hears everything

Google Chrome sees and hears everything “Google Chrome sees and hears everything” “Google Chrome sees and hears everything : microphone and webcam hidden active” A programmer has discovered that “Google’s Chrome browser hides the microphone and can activate the webcam” . If the worst surveillance nightmares come true ? “Google has already corrected the error […]

The Google Chrome

The Google Chrome The “Google Chrome” Wiretapping case “Google Chrome” – How site operators can trick the microphone “Google Chrome “can be manipulated so that foreign website operators can listen to their users. Google is the security breach of its browser has long been known , however, does nothing . “Google Chrome” side operators could […]

Web Store Google 2014

Web Store Google 2014 “Web Store Google 2014” The web application platform developed by “Web Store Google 2014” is included . 2010 Google I / O event was opened in December of 2010 platform are reported. Promotion, users of any modern browser that supports web technologies announced  be operated with the new application not to use […]

Google Chrome Web Store 2014

Google Chrome Web Store 2014 “Google Chrome Web Store 2014”   Google Chrome Portable “Chrome Web Store”: Search engine giant “Google Chrome Web Store 2014” has released its alternative to Apple’s App Store. “I have an app for everything!” – So today, Apple introduced the mini-market programs, but has done a lot now. Indeed, for everything […]

Google Store 2014

Google Store 2014 “Google Store 2014“ “Google Store 2014” has launched the “Chrome Web Store ‘s App Store” for the browser. Its greatest potential may lie in paid applications . On Tuesday evening, “Google Store 2014” has , as already mentioned in Linkwertig its Chrome Web Store armed. The platform for the Chrome browser ( which is […]

Chrome Web Store 2014

Chrome Web Store 2014 “Chrome Web Store 2014”   Two clicks per app Who visits the website with “Chrome Web Store 2014 ” here…  , has the ability to install apps in the browser. “Google Web Store” displays applications as a pictures with Name and evaluation; soon as you move the mouse over it, folds […]

Chrome Notebook

Chrome Notebook “Chrome Notebook” “Chromebook” Leaves no wishes unfulfilled, a new type of laptop . All . € 249 is available . Always ready to use “Chromebooks” will start in a few seconds . So you can start immediately . Fast starts , remain fast “Chromebooks” are updated automatically , unlike traditional laptops , so […]

Chrome –allow-file-access-from-file

Chrome –allow-file-access-from-file “Chrome –allow-file-access-from-file” Since September 2008 , the Google Chrome browser by enriching geliştirilenweb tarayıcısımanzar . Since February 2014 , the world most used browser in diameter . Again, the “sunny California ” is a success story – and rightly so . Just because it is one of ØFAST browser , but my zamandachro […]

Chrome Download Manager 2014

Chrome Download Manager 2014 “Chrome Download Manager 2014” Do you know it ? A week ago, just now , I downloaded a program and once an image or where you need it , can not find it ? The folder you Veinen sitting on different computers in different locations , especially when it would be […]

Chrome Extension 2014

Chrome Extension 2014 Chrome Extension 2014 Chrome Extension Chrome browser with extensions and applications can enrich. In addition, the search engine giant mini-programs for the Web browser yapmak.tasarım job easier, however, a fresh outfit browser hijackers and bring a personal touch. Where we are and how to install and manage extensions and applications will show […]