Chrome 2014 for Linux

Chrome 2014 for Linux

Chrome 2014 for Linux”

Scanner for Linux “Google Chrome” official final version 31

First published in 2014, the Google free to download their browser now already version 33 sahiptir.y new edition, therefore, direct CP Chrome OS with native apps, which is calculated for a long autofill function and Portable Native Client comes with.

Chrome on the Google Translate translation brings an integrated web-based. Chrome users who visit different language from the language of the current system time, the browser is a new görüntüler.çev by clicking the button bar, the browser interprets the page relevant to your system language.

Easy to use browser – synchronization

In addition, an advanced synchronization via Google mail account. Chrome bookmarks with other equipment, but also the house, just compare the language and themes. In addition, the feature stores the zoom position of each website and synchronizes extensions.

Chrome also an integrated PDF viewer, print preview version of Google’s browser has been some recourse. Even the Flash plug-in for Chrome, unlike other browsers, no longer the same and should not be installed on board.

Pre- loads pages from Chrome

Instant Pages optimized accordingly rendered by a website already contains pre-loaded with Google search . User actually clicks on the relevant search results page displays already set up and ready now . Hattaurl bar prefetch function is called ” omnibox pre -rendering ” is on board . Google search – similar – Chrome runs this website that you want to estimate is based on a few letters .

For example, only ” : ,” a now – theoretical MSIE site is loaded veekr career [ENTER] key that appears when you press the expected böylecetarayıcınızınurl already finished loading bar ( omnibox in use) .

In addition, the Google browser with HTML üzerindenses recognition trump : This will be spoken in olmadantarayıcı additional software . This translation service Google Translate, for example, are particularly useful. Word to be translated can be recorded and then translated into any language .

Secure Download

Chrome 201 for Linux besides the familiar warnings from rogue sites, the browser uyardı.zat against falling installation hardware acceleration for 3D CSS full implementation of the previous versions were introduced. Moreover, the integrated flash technology has been developed in Chrome. To refer to Adobe’s web applications has been to delete Flash cookies, directly via the options menu of your browser no longer possible to delete such data.

Chrome also installed when they are search engine for Chrome, a browser extension or toolbar to install, but also prevents programs.


“Google Chrome 31” Surfing is really fun – so you can search web pages quickly.