Chrome 2016 for iOS

Chrome 2016 for iOS

iOS: Google Chrome turns Alternatively keyboards. Currently, it is in the browser for iPhone and iPad is no longer possible to use spare keyboards third party. Apparently there was so technical problems.

Who uses the iOS since 8 possible third-party keyboards on iPhone or iPad and one of the users of the Google Chrome browser, should not upgrade to the new version released on Monday evening 46.0.2490.85 perhaps. As the release notes can be seen, Google has support for third-party keyboards such Fleksy, PopKey and Co. namely initially deleted entirely. Even if they are enabled in the iOS settings, only Apple’s original keyboard is visible in Chrome 2016 for iOS.

Crash Problem ?

“Chrome 2016 for iOS” – The reason for the action quite radical called Google a crash problem that can happen because of an error in iOS 9. Apparently, such crashes are often enough happened that Google was only the distance of the support for alternative keyboards. Chrome 2016 for iOS 46.0.2490.85 fixes beyond an error related to search queries in the omnibox that could cause display problems. Chrome 2016 for iOS is free, just under 70 MB in size and capable of running iOS. 7 .

iOS – Browser app translates texts and saves bandwidth

On Apple’s mobile devices Chrome 2016 for iOS now translates whole websites and ensures lower data consumption on your trips to the internet. The browser app from “Google Chrome 2016 for iOS” also counts on iPhones to the top free browsers at all. The brand new version is ready for the same with a new translator function and less data usage when calling websites. The app is free in iTunes for dubbing ready on your device.


Mobile Übesetzer

Annoying when you find while surfing important information only in English and have no desire, all the text to translate surge. In the current version 32.0.1700.20 now offers the Chrome 2016 for iOS app for automatically translating foreign-language websites to. Chrome 2016 for iOS – Once you take a trip on such a page, a small note at the bottom of the display. Tap here to translate the page you will be transformed from the original language to the English text. Here and there, there are not always correct formulations – to the content of headlines and text capture, but extends it all.

Less data consumption

To keep your data consumption in mobile excursions in the Internet in the future to a minimum, Google has added a special app bandwidth control. Chrome 2016 for iOS – These can be found in the Settings app under Advanced> Reduce bandwidth> Data usage. When enabled, unencrypted pages will in future be redirected to a special Google servers, reduced there and only then appears on your phone. Particularly well does the compression in the web pages with lots of images, because image files can be effectively shrink as other file types. With the new feature, according to Google save an up to 50 percent of your data volume. To verify this, Chrome 2016 for iOS has housed its own display in the app. The savings statistic can be found in the settings of Google Chrome 2016 for iOS on the options of the data saving function.

Favorites on new tab

When you open a new tab in Chrome 2016 for iOS, you can find new functions in the newly opened window: the bottom of the browser appears a new bar, quickly call up previously selected favorites or most frequently visited web pages about you. If you are logged on other devices such as your PC in Chrome 2016 for iOS, you can find your web pages there opened here.

Part teething problems

Depending on which version of Chrome 2016 for iOS installed in advance on your iPhone, it can lead to problems with the new bandwidth settings after the update: These are not always displayed by the update in the settings. To resolve this, restart the app enough.