Chrome 2016 for Linux

Chrome 2016 for Linux

“Google Chrome Linux”: With integrated translation

Chrome brings an integrated translation of Web pages based on Google Translate. Once Chrome 2016 for Linux users access a website whose language differs from the current system language, the browser displays a new bar. Click on the Translate button, the browser translates the page into the respective system language.

Browser Sync for “Chrome 2016 for Linux”

Another practical feature is the extended sync via Google mail account. Chrome compares not only those bookmarks with other installations, but also the home, languages ​​and themes. In addition, the feature stores the zoom setting to each individual website and synchronize the extensions.


Chrome 2016 for Linux has also been around for some versions with an integrated PDF viewer, the recourse of the Google browser for the print preview. Also, the Flash plug-in is now equal with “Chrome 2016” for Linux on board and must not be installed, unlike other browsers.

Chrome 2016 for Linux loads pages in advance

Even the Omnibox pre-rendering said prefetch function of the URL line is on board. Here Chrome 2016 for Linux tries – similar to Google 2016 Search – based on a few letters to predict the desired website. Enter in the URL bar of the browser so as only “www.go” one, the website of Chrome 2016 for Linux is preloaded and theoretically appear when you press the [ENTER] key already finished loading on the screen.

last changes: – Chrome 2016 for Linux includes numerous security-related fixes. All new features and changes, see the release notes