Chrome 2016 for Windows

Chrome 2016 for Windows

Chrome is more reliable, more stable and much faster to work according to the developers. In Chrome 2016 for Windows addition, the new update includes several security vulnerabilities in Web browsers, including two security vulnerabilities where the risk was considered high.

Chrome 2016 for Windows – The introduced in the fourth version of the function to sync bookmarks now looks increasingly also browser settings Theme, Home, police or the language used.

It also supports the new features in Google “Chrome 2016” for Windows as HTML5 geolocation APIs, App Cache and Web Sockets. The new standard by adding email attachments via drag and drop in internal e-mail service from “Google Chrome 2016” for Windows is for example possible. Even HTML5 favorites manager owes its new revised design.

In the current version of “Google Chrome” 2016 for Windows 46 now automatically blocked from background windows tabs or videos. The browser then loads Although the respective video but blocks its reproduction, which should help, among others, energy savings. If the user changes the window or the corresponding tab, so that the video is finally starting automatically. In addition, Google has missed a number of innovations for developers their browser and a total of 24 security vulnerabilities.

“Google Chrome 2016 for Windows”

Google “Chrome 2016 for Windows” convinces with a very fast processing JavaScript and a slim and modern interface. The browser is one of the fastest on the market and works reasonably fast on netbooks and older computers with limited computing capacity. Falling into the criticism of Google’s browser Chrome 2016 for Windows, however, is the fact that he received a lot of data about surfing behavior at the company headquarters.


Chrome 2016 for Windows – Meanwhile, however, the manufacturer has responded to the criticism. Since version 4.1, the user can monitor the use of cookies and exactly the identifiability of the browser no longer by a unique ID number.