Chrome AdBlock FREE 2014 Latest Version

Chrome AdBlock FREE 2014 Latest Version

“Google Chrome Download”

Free ad blocker for Google Browser

Adblock Plus for” Google Chrome”  a banner “Chrome browser”, you can expand as Google help . Web sayfalarındanücretsiz plug – in filters distracting elements .

Floads – They must of course only once Adblock here .. Plus for Google Chrome knows what and advertising content . If you train elleprogramınfiltr list or current at all times in terms of advertising or subscribe to the free list . This rules-based advertising on Web pages Google Chrome Adblock Plus for elements appear automatically.

“What is Adblock Plus ?”

“Adblock Plus Mozilla Firefox” , “Google Chrome”, Opera and Android into the popular browser extension. The main benefit is that all intrusive reklamlarınkaldırıl : YouTube video advertising , Facebook ads, banners , pop – ups , pop – unders , background, advertising, etc.

“How What is Adblock Plus ?”

To” block ads , Adblock Plus blocked” what should be said that the requests require a filter is supposed to get . By default “Adblock Plus” comes without any filter , but a filter from the list of startup inceilk beats . These filters can block specific requests from Web sites often want to deliver an advertisement . Blocked ads often a gap or ” promotional ” labeling release. Adblock Plus is still functionality that promise a ” element – hiding” You can remove this by : Adblocksit can remove these items in the specific zellikleritemel .

Getting Started

Choosing the correct filter list

As previously described , ad “Adblock Plus filter” lists are required to block . On its own, “Adblock Plus” , you can see just install içinweb page , but these can be told through the lists of blocked edilecekfiltr . Install Adblock Plus subscribers once Eerilk If you ‘re referring to , it automatically filters the list tarayıcınızındil settings

Two basic lists, there are easylist and fanboy List . These two lists of popular (mostly in English) can block ads from websites . However, these lists are less well-known country-specific web sites do not block any advertising . Coming event in Germany , for example, have the same zamandaal Subscription filter list . In this case , ” easylist Germany + Easy List ” is. For an overview of all lists can be found here .

“Adblock Plus” much more to this list is important to note that you must add filters . Buadblock to slow down and this can surf nedenleinternet . Basically (eg easylist Select List Or at fanboy ) I can say that you should use similar filter list .

Monitoring , etc. You can also filter the list , malware, social media monitoring , can help protect against use …

  • Google Chrome to add a filter list , from top right köşedekimenü “Settings”, then choose. Menüüç is ilesimg horizontal bar .
  • Drop-down menu ” Settings” . Then “extensions” Click içinekranınsol side . It can be found in Adblock Plus extension for Google Chrome opens a list of .
  • Whose description Altındal Link “Options” you will find . Chrome Click on this link to open the menu içinadblock .
  • Adblock Plus option menu lists all installed and active filter gives an overview . For AdBlock to add a new filter list , ” Add filter subscription ” select .
  • Year with the popular and recommended filter list you will see a pop-up menu . And to enable the “Add” button , select the desired filter list .

For frequently used sites disable “Adblock Plus”

Many websites , rely on advertising revenue . If you regularly visit a website , you should consider allowing advertising on this site – off edicirekla just not natural . “Adblock Plus” icon in the taskbar next to the Buaraç this page is done by clicking on the search veok . (This choice is always sadeceayn Click again to menu item can be reversed ) : menu, then ” … to disable chooses” .
“Remove Adblock Plus”

To remove the Chrome version of Adblock , right from the top köşedekimenü “Settings” go . Sonrasol on the ” Extensions” select . Adblock Plus call simgesiniküçük garbage on the side , and right click on it. Adblock Plus for Chrome is then removed completely by your browser .

typical problems

“Adblock Plus blocks” would be too much for what you do ?

Adblock Plus for a website is not working properly . Typically, this error is responsible for Adblock Plus , but for this kullanılanfiltre ( or filter subscription) has a problem with . These filters have Adblock Plus blocking something that should be blocked . Controlled by a temporary Adblock Plus you can turn off . Busor the “solved” should be a filter is almost always responsible for all this . Function ” error on this page Report ” available with the filter , it automatically gather important data for olarakweb site , please.

If you are prompted for the type of error , ” Adblock Plus blocks too much ” Select .

Your error report is automatically sent to listesininyazar the filters you use . Filter filter reports listeleriyazarlarıbirçok please understand that you can not always answer . Busor become more apparent and easy to replicate when the error report contains additional information , the more likely it will be accepted.

If “Adblock Plus” to block banner ad what to do?

If a banner ad is not blocked by “Adblock Plus” if you have found the right filter if you have subscribed to the list, you should check first. Subscribe filter list for this job must be a Bulgarian – for example, they list a filter for the French web site advertising reliable estimate can not be blocked in the Bulgarian site. This is the correct filter list, the author of this filter list, but if the problem is probably just not well known. You with the function “on this web site Error Report” should be reported to him, will collect important data for automatic website.

If you are prompted for the type of error, “not viewing an ad is blocked ” by “Adblock Plus” Select.

Your error report is automatically sent to the authors of the list of the filters you use. Filter lists each of the authors report many filters can not be answered please understand. This problem becomes more obvious and easy to replicate when the error report contains additional information, the more likely it will be accepted.


Less data needs to be installed, because without ads and intrusive pop-up surfing just fun, but at the same time is faster.
Loud banners, flash animations and advertising elements Adblock Plus for “Google Chrome”, “Google Chrome” will need to upgrade before who does not see the actual content of the Web site.


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