Chrome Android 2014

Chrome Android 2014

“Chrome Android 2014”

Simple and fast interface , offering the” Google Chrome for Android ” tablet devices and mobile version for smart phones is prepared . “Chrome Android “desktop computer that you use in your web browser to use all features on your mobile device allows. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich installed version compatible with a certain number of mobile phone features .

“Google Chrome for Android” should be. You can browse as fast as you can click. “Google Chrome for Android” with ease of use and rich features, a fast browser. As in most browsers, multiple pages at the same time as surfing the internet, it is possible to open multiple tabs simultaneously. Scrolling and zooming is very easy with a simple slide. Features of “Google Chrome android 2014” “Google Chrome android” sync with a computer or on a “Google android”account.

Therefore, to continue working from home on the road with your smartphone, or from your computer to your smartphone possible to transfer pages with a single click. If necessary, bookmarks, passwords and even Chronicle is also synchronized. Many other browsers, which is an anonymous surf “incognito mode” does not offer any other function.

– Fast loading pages , zooming and panning .
– With the help of a single bar in both search and navigation on the web allows .
– Tab supports the structure . You as confidential unless you open a new tab is located on the top menu .
– Desktop and al are used in devices can work in sync with Google “Chrome Android” .
– Whether you are offline you like , bookmark your content that you can convey to your desktop “Chrome android” browser .
– Privacy mode. Any operation and we are not saved until you can feel free to ask yourself .

Google “Chrome Android 2014” Tab : When you open “Chrome Android” browser sync system which is currently open in tabs all the sites and all the information you entered is saved. This has been stored in the session will remain open at all times . All of the devices this synchronization is complete, you leave open on your desktop computer tabs / pages that you use “chrome android mobile” / tablet will be activated on your device and the process will allow you to continue from where you left your .

“Chrome Android”

Surf faster and phone and tablet version of Chrome from your computer to transfer the log .

Android Chrome Speed

Quick Surf

Extra pages to load faster and hardware accelerated presentation in the quick search page itself makes possible long page . Chrome – fast mobile internet experience .

Quick Search

Search and go from one area to another . Results that appears when you have , so there are no time finding what you want .


Any number of tabs

You can open as many tabs and switch between them . With a deck like on your phone , scroll tabs . To switch between tabs, wipe the tablet from side to side .

easy Navigation

Simple, go with a streamlined browser . Links and easily extended preview you can find the right connection . For certain requirements on the ” Find in Page ” and scroll down to see different search results .


From your computer to your phone or tablet, open tabs , bookmarks and omnibox data transfer log in to Chrome . So all devices with a customized version of Chrome you can use .