Chrome Browser 2014

Chrome Browser 2014

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Others, Google, Microsoft’s ‘Internet Explorer’ of sovereignty, their internet browser kullanır.y new software “Google Chrome” denir.amaç easy to use and more reliable than its competitors, a faster browser. But how well the browser really? And what would give?

Chromium well received by users, this further on the internet Google in favor tip the scales olabilir.grup, internet advertising is the dominant force and the virtual world “Google Earth” until the office software to e-mail a variety of programs and services are offered. At the same time privacy activists closely monitor the progress needs to Google often been criticized for collecting too much data to users.

Data Octopus Google ?

So far, based on Google user data collected through its website . Chrome ilear Game engine made ​​by a user gets access to all page views . The first point makes it noisy data protection provisions . He says : ” in the address bar or search queries typed URLs are sent to Google . ” Vetar make this proposal it was necessary to develop . All calls itself therefore to delete the user , which is stored in the browser’s history , but also one that is stored on Google’s servers are not only address . Neversink and have access to kimbilgi be there is totally uncertain . Each version of Chrome at the same time , “at least a unique application number.” Used for the first time a Google account and Google cookies along with a ” transparent internet surfers takes” contains

Chrome will be open source code as Firefox , Google said. This means that programmers develop software freely . Firefox and Apple’s browser “Safari ” as the same components , you can use some chrome. To view Google then develop your own software , came to the conclusion because of the inadequacies of existing browsers . The most important change processes to operate as individual as the individual sub – window (tabs) that can be separated from each other . This program will need to increase the stability . Google Chrome browser at the same time “Android” operating system launched by ileilk phone comes in time to be released from . Mobile internetsonra is considered the major growth area . Appleipho is confused here with Safari .

Google Chrome Announcement

New software is amazing announcements by Google back gider.şirket a fault, about 40 pages in the form of a graph showing the advantages of blogs on the internet Chrome comic book “Google Blogoscoped” very early copy was sent. After the fact, to disseminate information on the Internet, Google has responded with an official statement.


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