Chrome Browser 2015

Chrome Browser 2015

“Chrome Browser 2015”: Latest Google Chrome, Google web browser. 64-bit version, simple, convenient and above all, to be open schnellweb applications and games. Is the most important alternative to the free browser Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Is more than just a browser

Chrome is a fast browser that lets you surf any website. This Chrome supports all major technologies and standards such as HTML 5 or Flash. In addition, the browser also performs like Angry Birds or Chrome Remote Desktop complex web applications.


Private and Synchronized Surfing

Navigation data with your Google account to sync Chrome and between multiple computers and devices are capable of bookmarks. This is especially convenient for users to vonchro for Android or iOS. Hard disk and privacy cookies or save image as confidential any data Chrome special interest friends.

Proper alignment

Several people who have multiple users on a computer that offers support for Chrome, you can use Chrome. So you will have personal settings are available for each.

You can customize Google Chrome finally using extensions and themes and develop. There are thousands, so I need something to suit every taste. You can create your next theme easily.

Recent changes

• Chrome noise caused Tab Displays
Better malware warning • Stealth mode
• Includes Chrome new interface for Windows 8
Beta version: • surfing families Watched
• Voice Recognition for Web Apps
• Notification feature for Google services


• thousands of extensions and themes
• exceptional performance
• incognito mode
• built-in translator and PDF Reader
• Data Synchronization
• Dealing with privacy


• Extensions are usually only available in English
• Synchronization options require Google Account
• Sometimes the passwords are not imported
• Only 10% of malware is blocked