Chrome Download 2018

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The new version of “Google Chrome 2018” brings a preinstalled translation function that translates web pages based on Google Translate.

Once you open a Web page whose language differs from your system language, the browser will display a hint. By clicking on the corresponding button of the browser translates the contents of the website in the respective language system. The language assistant Google Now is also on board.

The Google Chrome browser you will find for download: free, in almost any language and in the current 32-bit and 64-bit version.

System requirements

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10


Google Chrome takes intensive use much RAM to complete.

Google released the “Chrome browser 2018” not only in the normal 32-bit version, but also in a native 64-bit version for modern Windows PCs to download.

The Chrome developers promise to the 64-bit browser in speed, stability and security. By the 64-bit architecture Chrome benefits not only better of modern processors, but also takes commands counter faster.

Chrome Download 2018 Features: This may be the Google browser

“Chrome 2018” brings an integrated translation of Web pages based on Google Translate. Once Chrome users visit a page whose language is different from the current system language, the browser displays a new bar. Click on the Translate button, the browser translates the page into the respective system language. The language assistant Google Now is also integrated into “Google Chrome 2018”.

Also convenient is the advanced synchronization via Google mail account. Chrome Download 2018 compares not only the bookmarks with other installations, but also the home, languages, add-ons and themes. In addition, the feature stores the zoom setting to each individual website and synchronize the extensions.