Chrome Download 2018

Chrome 2018 is the popular browser from Google and is

now available in Version 2018 for free download.

20018 first new published, Google has now already version 2018 of its browser to download for free.

“Chrome Download 2018” brings an integrated translation of Web pages based on Google Translate. Once Chrome 2018 users visit a page whose language is different from the current system language, the browser displays a new bar. Click on the Translate button, the browser translates the page into the respective system language. The language assistant Google 2018 Now is also integrated into “Google Chrome 2018”.

Also convenient is the advanced synchronization via Google mail account. “Chrome 2018″compares not only the bookmarks with other installations, but also the home, languages ​​and themes. In addition, the feature stores the zoom setting to each individual website and synchronize the extensions.

Chrome 2018 also prevents programs simultaneously set up a browser extension, or search engine toolbar for the browser when they are installed.


Last changes

With the update to version 2018 of the browser again comes with a lot of bug fixes and minor changes. Among other things, Google 2018 polishes the loading times for web pages. only the parts of a web page are already loaded longer who really changed. But Google 2018 improved now predicting which parts of a web page will change next. In addition, Chrome 2018 waits eliminated upon page load. Parts of a web page can be shown already done through the use of streaming technology, while still not all the data is loaded.