Chrome Extension 2014

Chrome Extension 2014

Chrome Extension 2014

Chrome Extension

Chrome browser with extensions and applications can enrich. In addition, the search engine giant mini-programs for the Web browser yapmak.tasarım job easier, however, a fresh outfit browser hijackers and bring a personal touch. Where we are and how to install and manage extensions and applications will show you how to find.

The difference between applications and extensions

You should know that in the field of applications such as smart phones are downloadable programs. Chrome Web Store game or you can open the browser interface and tools are available. Also referred to as plug-in extensions, but easier to work with browser capabilities and tamamlayacak.chro Chrome extensions and apps in the Chrome Web Store to install, you need a Google account.

Google Web Store apps and extensions download

  1. After you finish recording , you can login with Google – account for Chrome . Only in your browser ” Register ” link on the top right-click .
  2. Now you will be prompted to enter your Google credentials . This ” Register ” and confirm with a click on .
  3. Gmail in Chrome, which caters ileaçıl down window will be provided at the session . Dan ” OK, OK ” button to complete the process .
  4. After registration you browser Web Store you can find the link to the right . Click on it.
  5. Obviously the Chrome Web Store is fragmented . A large part of the right sizeso offers and recommendations are presented . With the search function on the left navigation bar. In particular, it calls for retail applications and extensions . A portion of the topics below are available in various categories . Extensions and themes have their own connections .
  6. If you want to learn about a program , it’s easy click . In the drop down window , content or features by other users and applications can see details about the reviews .

Installing Extensions

First, looking at the Chrome Web Store search plugins. Alternatively, direct extension details page Netzwelt to derive the download archive. This eliminates the tedious search. Details by clicking the button at the top right of the page to start the installation.
Unlike apps, extensions allow access to various services, often with the gerektirir.da let down the window to give the plugin will show. “Add” and click the extension installed, confirm this.
When the installation finished successfully, you’ll find the browser and get a clue call extension.