Chrome for Mac

Chrome for Mac

“Chrome for Mac” – Google Chrome for Mac OS – Now for Mac OS “Google Chrome” new final version.

First published in 2008 , now its browser to download here… Google already has version Chrome for Mac.

Web pages chromium Google Translate translation brings integrated . “Chrome for Mac”  users who visit dilmevcut system time differs from the language , the browser displays a new bar . By clicking on a line consists dilinesayfa system tarayıcıilgil .

Multiple Browser Sync for Chrome for Mac browser

We also suitable üzerindengenişletil sync Google email account . “Chrome for Mac” bookmarks ileum other equipment, but zamandaev , language and themes are compared. Further characterized in that each web is synchronized with sitesinez veuzantı stores parameters .

Chrome for Mac also has a built-in PDF viewer , print preview by tarayıcısırüc Google has been around for several versions . Ayrıcaflash plug – unlike other browsers , Chrome for Mac is now equal and should not be installed on board.

Instant Pages optimized accordingly rendered by a website already contains pre-loaded with Chrome for Mac search. The user clicks on the page of relevant search results is fully configured and displayed immediately.

Preload pages Chrome for Mac

Ayrıcaurl line prefetch function is called the pre-rendered Omnibox is on board. Google search – Similar – Chrome for Mac çalışıriste This site estimates based on a few letters. Eğerekr career [ ENTER ] key bastığınızdatarayıcınızınurl loading bar already finished ( Omnibox ) type , so for example , that “Chrome for Mac”theoretical on this Onlinesite pre-loaded and visible.

Google Chrome for Mac : Browser tabs noisy informed

About web site that generates tones “Chrome for Mac” Tab shows . Tarayıcınınsek looking bar so you can see immediately sounds an annoying advertising , etc. . The audio signal “Chrome for Mac” button to the left of a small speaker is symbolized by the icon. Casting Chrome for Mac display the content of a tab when the device streamingweb access , however, there is a camera icon appears. Chrome for Mac clearly before downloading malicious software is classified as a warning, but also to automatically blokedosya .

Tarayıcısınınso version Chrome for Mac comes with many bug fixes. In addition, the draft Chrome for Mac Frame was finally completed . More updates will appear here .

Conclusion : Surfing “Google Chrome for Mac” is really fun – web pages a bit faster can be called.

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