Chrome Mobile 2014

Chrome Mobile 2014

“Chrome Mobile 2014”

Google in April, analyze and adapt to the mobile website mobile website to allow creation I ‘ had taken on the broadcast . English started broadcasting services are now under serving.
“Google mobile 2014″from the block received the news that this new website on your mobile device , how much is appropriate gomometr with the measure , more mobile compatibility to increase the necessary tools and resources you can use and mobile websites you can create .

Google “Chrome mobile 2014” before making a statement , but the smart phone and tablet -specific mobile website version for free during the 12 months announced can be owned . If before I began to broadcast in english .
Google, in terms of having a mobile operating mobile exchange rather cherish and to the transition to mobile Internet users want to be the first company besides . Analysis and advertising services to the mobile side with the same market share in a sense also ensures passage .
Gomo ‘s why it is important in the mobile environment , the 10 tips in this regard , research and success stories can be found . But “Google Chrome 2014” is still not possible to block your comments .

Surf faster and you are always log in to the Chrome version . This type of iPhone, Android and iPad software to use as many different devices presents an opportunity . Anywhere and at any time you want to use your favorite software . Chrome Mobile smartphone version of Google Chrome is a web browser .

Google uses chromeandroid operating system in smartphones and tablet computers now brings his successful internet browser Chrome . In addition to the Android browser downloaded a beta version artıkmevcut . However, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich available for the users with the latest version . Onlarandroid customers now make up only a very small portion .

Google, in particular speed and convenience , to ensure that Android içinchro , the announcement said. So Google registered users can seamlessly switch between different devices . Ayrıcachro sıkkullanıl of pages to synchron ize bookmarks and remember, and it is showing . Scanners are programs to help navigate the Web . Launched in 2008 , Google’s “Chrome mobile 2014 ” software developed by a programmer, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and the Firefox community has become a strong competitor .
Androidso version users can now download “Google Chrome mobile browser” .

Meanwhile, Google’s Think Insights conference held in english , however, that for the first time today we share .
UPDATE: you can move your website mobile tool provided free of charge for 12 months from the I have learned that you can access a service . Accordingly, the annual cost of this service is approximately 200 €