Chrome Notebook

Chrome Notebook

“Chrome Notebook”


Leaves no wishes unfulfilled, a new type of laptop . All . € 249 is available .

Always ready to use

“Chromebooks” will start in a few seconds . So you can start immediately .

Fast starts , remain fast

“Chromebooks” are updated automatically , unlike traditional laptops , so time is not slowing down .

Faster surfing

Features such as Chrome Instant , and the “Chrome Notebook” omnibox to help you out -net surfing with Lightspeed .

Perform daily tasks

Your favorite applications are just a click on the board already and has been removed. In “Chrome Notebook” addition, other applications you wait thousands” Chrome Web Store” .

Parts very simple

Switch instantly between accounts or others get the job done .
All content will remain private .

Guest mode

Access these files or documents without having to worry about the Chromebook to a friend leave .

users supported

Your child and other family members without losing control , Let’s discover the online world .

The perfect interplay

Without additional cables – “Chromebooks” also mobile phone , tablet or other devices such as computers can be used with the old .


Integrated virus protection. No annoying updates. Chrome OS Chromebooks fast, easy, and secure operating system is based on.

Resident protection

Thank virus protection , multiple security level and virus or malware or other threats do not need to fear Approved boat .

Maximum security for files

Thanks to the integrated Google files and photos are saved automatically crawl. All new “Chromebooks” , you get 100 GB of free storage .

Always up to date

“Chromebooks” are updated automatically – at no extra cost. So you always have the latest and greatest version . Manual download and upgrade a thing of the past .

“Chromebook” family

“Chromebooks” , fast, user-friendly and is suitable for anyone who needs a computer .