Chrome OS 2014

Chrome OS 2014

“Chrome OS 2014”

“Google Chrome OS 2014″every so netbook operating system released the beta version of “Chrome Linux 2014” and wanted to go out through the open source code that can be used in a virtual machine image already exists.

Operating systems such as VirtualBox, VMWare disk format is being offered and can also be used together with other virtualization solutions. VirtualBox configuration settings of the operating system “Linux” as the version “Ubuntu” yu need to choose.

IPad, iPhone and iPod touch updated version of “Google Chrome OS” .
Desktop version of “Chrome OS 2014” probably everyone knows . For a while Google’s browser also runs on mobile devices . Here you get the “Chrome iOS” version .

Also handy iPhone tabbed browsing and a more modern attire standard Safari browser ” Google Chrome OS ” as usual with iPad karşılaştırıldığında.sek be placed side by side , they have a smaller screen, one after the other is to save space . Open tabs and bookmarks between devices such as Google “Chrome OS” used to synchronize .

Useful when scanning over the mobile network is a feature of “Chrome OS” to save the data . Settings ” Bandwidth Management”, before you can see how much data is consumed less . However , please note that all online data on “Google’s OS” servers in the future if an option to run . Version 33 brings some revisions to the design and perfectly integrated into “Chrome iOS 7”

In addition, VirtualBox can not create a new virtual hard disk, but instead “Use existing hard disk file” option must. After that you can download in the interests of the archive file that you need to show the location of the program.

You need to log in to a “Google Chrome OS” account. “Chrome OS” will be opened after the English keyboard layout. You can use to log the @ sign [Shift] + [2] key combination can achieve.

“Chrome OS” Review

First, you need to Virtual Box program house.We programs by establishing virtual operating system “Chrome OS” will be able to test your computer .

First Virtual Box , click here , select the version appropriate to your operating system indiriyorsunuz.dah in the next stage to test “Chrome OS” created for Virtual Box ( . Vdi ) extension” Chrome OS” operating system are downloading by clicking here .

“Chrome OS” is made ​​exactly the same as a test sürümüdür. really made ​​it , I was pleased kaldım.şi Virtual Box’t how “Chrome OS” will be built.

In the form of a zipped “Chrome OS” operating system folder ( VDI) ‘ s .virtual Box program in a form after you install Virtual Box Manager tab, click New , we create a new virtual machine .

Virtual machines on our” Chrome Os” name whether the operating system Linux, setting the actual software the Other as Linux belirliyoruz.b In the next step the amount of RAM to 512 MB minima as to determine gerekmekte. 256 mb you can choose , but the virtual machine you can be very slow .