Chrome Update 2014

Chrome Update 2014

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By Google browser on the market is one of the most stable and fastest web browser . Also the security of Google Chrome is setting new standards in terms . Google Chrome can be regularly updated to avoid nasty surprises updates , if any, to ensure this security , you can also download and install Google Chrome, you should check directly .

Software failure can not be complete , however, the vulnerability of these errors , the situation becomes critical. Then , in a short time a single manufacturer brings an update for the software and close the gap can hope . History and updated regularly hold up its programs so that it is the duty of every computer user .

Google Chrome update whenever a green arrow appears

Chrome Update 2014-normally, Google Chrome automatically performs updates in the background , so that your browser is up to date and there is no need to worry about them . Still if you have to manually update Google Chrome , you must be prepared .

A new update appeared on the browser toolbar, click the small green arrow mevcuttur.menĂ¼, where “option Update Google Chrome” can choose. On top of that Google Chrome has been updated. To be effective in order to update the browser needs to be restarted. However, Google Chrome saves the currently open tabs and turn it on again when you restart.

If you want to manually check for updates, Google Chrome, click the menu icon and select “About Google Chrome” menu select. , In the opened window search for more recent versions. If you have this, download the latest version of Chrome button in the operation, “Update Now” will show. Downloaded the new version, reboot is required as above. Again, open tabs and windows were saved and restored after restart.