Chrome Update 2015

Chrome Update 2015

“Chrome Update 2015”: Google Chrome browser, especially the ease of use of a very fine addition to faster page views the search engine Google, you are free to surf the internet provider lovers.

Google’s version of Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers on the market in addition to the long various browsers like Chrome 40 or 41 + … first established itself. Fast and incredibly JavaScript engine for its user-friendly interface is very possible a satisfactory -V8 Google Chrome browser Internet Explorer and Firefox are an attractive alternative for a moment. Therefore, sit, or rather, the Google Chrome browser, which aired from any other browsers and meets the taste of many customers Chrome.


What is intended by the Scan tab in Google Chrome

New English free web browser Google Chrome is now the other tabs above, or malfunction, or general problems uncomfortable so what to disrupt the life (no matter many) run independently finally processed tabs tabbed browsing contains a special form. When the crash site while surfing the tabs in a tab, so that all other methods does not mean closed and crash. Very handy, but can be used both as an Internet address bar into a search bar for each tab circumstances, you may be added strip your website.

Very high compatibility with HTML5 & Co

Without problems installing plugins like 2015 other new HTML5 video tag using the feature sites, web videos, as well as software, and others, as well as high value HTML5 compatibility now specifies Google Chrome, Adobe Flash Player, and view others. All of these have already installed and deployed as integrated setup various flash plugins, can be a way for Google Chrome. This is also true for PDF viewer or similar feature fills forms with one click or translators web pages quickly and safely will translate here, begins. There is also a warning, updates, malware protection, or are already deployed in the construction and design of the new Google Chrome browser. Other functions and settings are downloaded and install the plugin, so it is possible to be equivalent to your taste.

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