Chrome Update 2016

Chrome Update 2016

No Chrome Update 2016 support for Windows XP and Vista from April 2016 – Chrome has announced to phase out support for its Chrome browser on Windows XP and Windows Vista in April 2016th At the same time also ends support for Apple’s older desktop operating systems OS X Snow Leopard,Lion and Mountain Lion.


No Chrome Update 2016 ?

Chrome Update 2016 – With this step, the Internet company wants to his own words move users to no longer use operating systems that are no longer actively supported by Microsoft and Apple. From April 2016 Chrome Update will indeed continue to work on these platforms, but no function updates and security updates more get, writes Marc Pawliger for Chrome Update 2016 competent development director at Google, in a blog post. If you do not use one of these supported platforms, you should upgrade to a newer operating system.


If Google Chrome Update 2016 sets the support in April 2016 Windows XP is already almost two years no longer officially supported by Microsoft. For Vista mainstream support, Microsoft regularly makes in a period of five years after a product launch, 2012 has been leaked. The Extended Support, which guarantees an additional five years free security updates until April 2017th.

     Removal of Chrome

With the removal of Chrome Update 2016 Windows XP users from April 2016 can then choose only between two supported browsers: Firefox and Opera. Microsoft announced the end of support for older Internet Explorer versions for the January 12, 2016 in August 2014th.

Chrome Update 2016 – The now 14 years old Windows XP was security vendor Bitdefender according to the September still many small and medium enterprises and the public sector in use, especially in Eastern Europe. “Chrome Update 2016” – According to figures from Netmarketshare from earlier this month on Windows XP is still a market share of around 12 percent, surpassing the current Windows 10 with a share of 8 percent. Chrome Update 2016 – Statcounter sees Windows 10 with 9.75 percent market share, however now before Windows XP, which it ascribes to 8.65 Prozet. More information in turkish…

     Microsoft and Chrome

On request, companies or organizations can take out a costly service contract with Microsoft to continue to get support for Windows XP. Chrome Update 2016 – From This option has been exercised about the US Navy. You pay 9 million dollars to Microsoft to be supplied in the next three years with critical fixes and software updates for Windows XP, Office 2003, Exchange Server 2003, and of 2003.

Chrome Update 2016


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