Chrome Web Store 2014

Chrome Web Store 2014

“Chrome Web Store 2014”


Two clicks per app

Who visits the website with “Chrome Web Store 2014 ” here…  , has the ability to install apps in the browser. “Google Web Store” displays applications as a pictures with Name and evaluation; soon as you move the mouse over it, folds out to a text box on with a short description and a click you get comprehensive information along with testimonials of other users , required privileges and system requirements. By adding you install the app in your browser.

App reservoir

Installed apps you see on your browser home page and call them with a click . Depending on the function , the applications set up in other control bars of the browser. In addition to classic extensions such as calendars, image viewing and security “Chrome Web Store” also offers a variety of games such as the popular Angry Birds . The classical extensions of time before the Web Store can be found under the same heading – to recognize these programs are also a jigsaw puzzle icon in the store .

well- sorted

Browse through fixed categories through the available apps , check out the most popular downloads or call Google “Chrome Web Store” -sorted collections such as Photo , Art & Design or sport . Many of these apps form appearance and functionality of the Android – siblings from – with the difference that everything works in the browser . Also benefit from Google’s “Chrome Web Store 2014 ” books with the operating system “Chrome Web store OS”.

Conclusion: “Chrome Web Store 2014”

Clearly , appealing, convenient: For Chrome users , the new Web Store is a convenient center for the management of apps, extensions and browser designs. Each application can be installed in two clicks and without rebooting , even the games on offer ensures numerous hours of pastime. Currently all apps are available as a free download , costs arise only from within the app if you want additional features.

Chrome Web Store apps, extensions and themes

Exactly what you’re looking for into the search box found by entering a search shortcut. Or to discover something new categories and browse through selected collections.

Easy access from multiple computers

After you sign in to “Chrome Web Store 2014”, you can access them from multiple computers on your application. And to individual computers for you to remember any key, no software to install any software you need.

Everything is possible with applications

Increase your productivity, unwind with fun games or something new to discover.