Chromium 2014

Chromium 2014

“Chromium 2014”

Chromium is an open- source browser from Google, based on the well “Chromium 2014”  here… . Developers and users get with this web app always have the latest version for your system .

The largest part of the source code of Google Chrome is provided by the search engine giant under the name Chromium -free and freely modifiable available for download .

Because Google screwed almost daily to the source code of Chromium , one should always use the latest version. Who does not want to deal with the complicated structure of Google’s FTP servers, this is the fastest way the web app ” Chromium Download” place to which we direct you to here . No matter which system you use – you’ll get with just one click, the latest release on your computer.

With the release of its web browser “Chromium 2014″ , Google has caused a lot of attention. The program code of the browser was released by Google under the name Chromium as open source. Chromium for its part, turn on the open source browser engine ” WebKit ” , which is also used by Apple’s Safari browser. Actually, there is no official Chromium browser. But the Chromium project published several times a day so-called ” build ” , where the latest development of the Chrome browser is being held.

These builds are the official version of Google Chrome usually far ahead. However, these are development versions , which are unofficial and not tested. In other respects, “Chromium” in function and appearance of “Chromium 2014”. What is lacking is the only automatic Google update. As far as we were able to investigate , “Chromium” also contains the functions for the transmission of user data to Google ( espionage functions ) for which Google Chrome has been widely criticized .

Open source version of Google Chrome (“Chromium 2014”)

“Chromium 2014” is the open source version of Google’s Chrome browser . In functionality , the two programs differ only in details , ie Chromium also offers tabs, different processes for each individual site , extensions and much more.

In addition, Chromium 2014 saves its users the Google logo and the online update feature of Google, some users feel through the secretly observed.


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