Download Chrome 2015 Latest Version

Download Chrome 2015 Latest Version

“Download Chrome 2015 Latest Version”: The Google Chrome Web browser developed by large companies Google. With the 64-bit version or 32-bit can be very convenient, enjoyable and convenient especially rapidly open web applications and games. The provided free of charge Google Chrome browser is the most important alternative like Mozilla Firefox and Explorer.

More in new browser

Google Chrome is a very fast web browser with which you can surf on any websites without any problems. Backed Google Chrome all normal technologies and standards such as HTML 5, Flash and others. Besides, the web browser now leads complicated applications like Angry Birds or Chrome Remote Desktop.


synchronized surfing

When connected to a Google Account Google Chrome is always synchronize capable of navigation data, and bookmarks on a network of computers and devices. This is very satisfactory particularly for users of Google Chrome for Android or iOS. In the famous Incognito mode Google Chrome no longer stores data such as cookies or images on your hard drive and is therefore of interest to friends of your privacy.

Complete alignment of users

Chrome usage for multiple users, in which various people Google Chrome to surf on a personal computer settings for each not change.

Google Chrome you can adjust as usual with extensions and themes individually. Of which there are many choices, offering something for all tastes and needs. The self-creation of themes besides you can easily create.


• extensions and themes
• exceptional performance
• incognito
• built-in translator
• Synchronization
• High privacy


• Extensions
• Google Account
• Sometimes the passwords are not imported
• Only 10% of malware is blocked