Download Chrome Browser 2016

Download Chrome Browser 2016

With Chrome 46 Google missed its popular browser a fresh polish. Numerous improvements to optimize the program. Above all Mac users can look forward to the update.

Already with “Chrome Browser 2016”, Google had presented a compelling browser update. Also for the successor, the developers had a lot done, what has become of it, shows a good six weeks after publication of its predecessor. Among the main features of each browser updates include security improvements. So even “Chrome Browser 2016” has once again 24 solutions for security-related bugs in their luggage.

Download Chrome Browser 2016 – Whole $ 24,674 paid by the Internet giant to the discoverer of the gaps. A part of the closed gaps documented by the manufacturer as part of the announcement of Chrome Browser 2016. But that’s not enough. In addition, Google reduces the number of safety signs, which provide information on the connection status. Download Chrome Browser 2016 – Of these, the developers promise more clarity for users. By indicating renunciation of its own icon, the problems with encrypted connections (HTTPS), Chrome users have to learn fewer characters and so have the status display a better view, the argument of the creators.


Pause for YouTube

After Google has begun in the predecessor to stop unwanted Flash content, the successor is another annoyance to the collar. There is talk that start automatically videos in background tabs. Download Chrome Browser 2016 – Everyone knows that, in the surf, another tab is opened in the background in order to pursue a specific reference, suddenly roars from all boxes: On the side of a video is included, which begins unasked to play its contents. With Chrome Browser 2016 Final is thus: The browser blocks the reproduction, only when you open the tabs of the clip starts. Convenient is the fact that Chrome the video in the background anyway invites. When Tab switching everything is ready to go.

Chrome for OS X

After Apple with OS X 10:11 alias El Capitan promises among other things, improvements in the performance of its operating system, now sets after even the Google team. Chrome Browser 2016 for OS X users is namely with numerous changes under the hood that will increase the operating speed of the browser, and reduce memory usage drastically.

Download Chrome Browser 2016 – While the Google browser on Windows usually makes a good figure, the program shows on Apple computers less nimble. To change that, the developers have screwed among others on the V8 JavaScript engine, which optimizes the cooperation with the graphical interface, eliminates memory corruption and made several other adjustments.

Browsing Faster and better

In addition, the developers have communication between Web servers and browsers improved, so now Chrome automatically download the best picture format, depending on whether you control the page with a PC, tablet or smartphone. Download Chrome Browser 2016 – In addition, the so-called pre-loading has been optimized to make the web pages more quickly on the display.

Download Chrome Browser 2016 – In this case, browsers and web servers (if supported) already some important connection details (handshake) before the user ever clicks on the link next to the shop. Other changes at various interfaces, security features, network properties or the configurable behavior of the browser when scrolling complete the package.

Conclusion: With “Download Chrome Browser 2016” development team has once again put together a complete package. Although there is a lack of groundbreaking innovations that numerous improvements to every corner of the program leave you wanting more. In particular, the otherwise rather disadvantaged Mac users should look forward to the update and the associated performance boost. However, even if the innovations cold blank, no later than the knit with Chrome 46 increase in safety makes the update to duty.

Download Chrome Browser 2016