Download Chrome FREE 2016

Download Chrome FREE 2016

Chrome FREE 2016 is a free internet browser of the search engine provider Google, which is counting on an easy to use as possible next to fast page. In addition to Internet Explorer and Firefox Google’s Chrome has long been established in the current version of the browser market. Thanks to its user-friendly as possible surface and the fast JavaScript engine V8 of the “Download Chrome FREE 2016” browser is an attractive alternative to Internet Explorer and Firefox and can even settle positive in some areas.

     Tab browsing with Google Chrome

Download Chrome FREE 2016 – The German-speaking free browser includes a special form of tab browsing, in which the processes of tabs running separately, so that malfunctions may not spread to other tabs. Download Chrome FREE 2016 – The crash of a website in a tab does not mean therefore that all other tabs must also be closed. Convenient is also that each tab here has a Omnibar, which can be used both as an Internet address bar as well as a search bar for terms.


The future with HTML5 & Co. has already begun

Chrome FREE 2016 also emphasizes high HTML5 compatibility, which allows you to among other sites that use the HTML5 video tag, watch web videos without installing plug-ins such as Adobe Flash Player. The installation of the Flash plugin, you can save yourself the way for Download Chrome FREE 2016, because this is already integrated in Chrome FREE 2016 16th This also applies to a PDF viewer, one Formularassisttenten of forms to fill a single click, or the translator, who should you translated sites quickly and safely. Also a warning of download traps, automatic updates, malware and phishing protection, or the numerous designs are already built into the Download Chrome FREE 2016 browser. Other functions can be downloaded and installed as plugins.

     More about Download Chrome FREE 2016

Conclusion: With our free download of “Download Chrome FREE 2016” you currently receive a very fast and relatively secure browser. Worth the see the bigger picture and a test certainly never hurts.

Note: When you Start download button, you will not only find the most recent version of Download Chrome FREE 2016 for your system, but also the special Web Developer Version Google Chrome Developer and the latest version of Chrome 2016.

Download Chrome FREE 2016


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