Download Google Apps FREE 2014

Download Google Apps FREE 2014

Google Chrome

“English | 2014 Last Full Download Free Google Apps” . Already 5 million businesses use “Google Apps” . Take advantage for your business .

“Google Apps 2014” you and your team anywhere and any device can connect with each other and work in providing cloud-based productivity suite . Establishment , use and management is very simple , so you can work more efficiently and can concentrate on the really important olanşey . Gmail just e – mails more .

Work wherever you e – mails sent .

Size Internet a data connection with Gmail and can continue to work even when not connected to the offline support is available from any computer or mobile device . At a meeting or on a plane , no matter who is sitting on your desk – your e-mail is always available .

Work faster and save time .

Gmail helps you be more productive . Total storage on “Google Apps” and additional 30 GB of storage space with the option to purchase , you ‘re never have to delete anything . Powerful search helps you to find what you’re looking for , and the tags and filters to help you manage your mail .


For news in your inbox , but also is used not only for the person or people . You text , voice and video chat can see who is online and can instantly connect . In addition to individual e-mail profile photo , latest updates of your contacts and shared documents will be displayed.

“Google Calendar”

Stay in sync with your team
Stay organized and be on time .

With Google Calendar , you can organize your day and memories from your phone or get . If the material right from the beginning of the meeting, so that you can you can also add files or documents to the appointment .
Once your team are holding .

You are working with the calendar , people can accept no time with . In addition, smart planning function shows all acceptable times .

Web publishing calendar

Create a calendar to your website to embed or customers to choose the best time for them , we set up a block of time .

Google has passed ruckpack

Google Drive

Optimize your cooperation .
Access your files from anywhere .

Google Drive can be accessed from anywhere with your business – Mac, PC , mobile devices through veweb . Just sync your Mac or PC you can install the driver vebulut bilgisayarınızdandosya out . If you have made changes to a file on one device are automatically reflected Drive and will be synchronized with other devices . Thus, at any time and any place with your hand altındadosyanınso version .
Life Bring your files .

Individuals are free to enter individual files or entire folders , and even entire teams , customers , suppliers and partners for . Create files for review or have contributed their ideas and get feedback file reply comments .
Buy and flexible as it should grow.

Start with 30 GB of onboard storage per user . Need more space ? Administrators for each user 16 TB ( 16,000 GB! ) Up to 20 months of purchase , and the center can manage to only $ 4 per GB .

Etc. files, tables, equations, drawings, links , answers and collect documents, create a comprehensive social feedback, manage comments .

With powerful table editor allows to manage lists and the trail to share project data to analyze and track the results . If the data to obtain a completely new perspective advanced formulas, embedded charts , filters and tools such as pivot tables .

Embedded videos , animations and slide transitions supports dynamic with our presentation editor , you can create visually appealing slides . Thus can be seen by any person , you can publish presentations on the web . Alternatively, you can share special presentations .


Team collaboration platform for to easily create

Without having to write a single line of code to create the project site . This is as easy as writing a document . In addition, hundreds of templates have already been created in order to gain even more time you can choose .

Easy to organize

Şeyinorganizasyo use the site for each of your team – videos of documents and presentations calendar . But thanks to built-in Google’daar – based, then you can easily find all of this content .

Quick Release

A mouse clicks you can make your website with the team for the entire company, or even a client or for your partner share . Decide exactly who can edit your Web site , and you can always change more sonraayar .


Adding Google Apps archiving and e – discovery added retention policies.

Automatically applied to e-mail and instant messages , define retention policies .
E – mail and instant messaging archiving. E – mail and instant messages to prevent accidental deletion are archived and stored according to the instructions .

E – Discovery

Powerful search tools to search and retrieve relevant e – mail and chat messages , and compliance audit has been prepared for the optimal case .

Tutor case – If necessary, impose legal obstacles for users . If they are exposed to e – mail and instant messages, users can not delete . export – Export private e- mail and instant messages in standard formats for further processing and control.


User activity in the archive , run reports and actions . So much news opinions, export transactions and searches.


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