Free Download Google Chrome 2016 Latest Version

Free Download Google Chrome 2016 Latest Version

Google’s Chrome browser is now available in a 64-bit version for Windows. She promises to work faster and more stable than the 32-bit counterpart.

After the 64-bit support has already been successfully tested by Chrome in the developer versions Canary and Beta, now the conventional Chrome browser receives 64 bit support.


“Free Download Google Chrome 2016 Latest Version” – Visually, the 64-bit version does not differ from the conventional Chrome browser with 32-bit support. Also in terms of function selection, the same browser to spitting. The main differences lie in secret.

For example, allows the 64-bit support increased by about 25 percent power on graphics and multimedia intensive web pages. Canary also supports built-in Windows 8 Adressverwürfelung “High Entropy ASLR”, which in turn promises more security. Free Download Google Chrome 2016 Latest Version – In addition to Canary more protection against exploits such as JIT Spraying offer. Likewise, should the stability of the browser have increased – the renderer process, the crash rate was halved according to Google.

Currently, the 64-bit version is not available as a full download. com! therefore offers the small installer to download. After you run the .exe file that downloads the remaining components of Chrome 64-bit. “Free Download Google Chrome 2016 Latest” Version 32-bit can also be found in our download area. You can visit

Free Download Google Chrome 2016 Latest Version


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