Google App Store 2014 Download


Google App Store 2014 Download


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Google Search app for Windows 8, the usual get faster and Windows 8 devices worldwide information as possible.


  • Google search: to get faster results, enter your search terms directly from the app’s main screen.
  • Voice Search: Enter a search term on Google and use the microphone to get instant results.
  • Image search: pictures of all the images on the screen, select gösterilir.istenil in a unique table or wipe your finger to see more results
  • Charm “search”: Google Search and Google to install application Charm “search” you can easily access.
  • “Google App”s page to all your favorite Google products direct access to the app. Just tap the appropriate icon.
  • Search with my latest site you are visiting to see the finger wipe from top to bottom. These search terms are ranked according to.


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