Google Chrome 2015 for iOS

Google Chrome 2015 for iOS

“Google Chrome 2015 for iOS”: The new Google Chrome browser 2015 in already as the name suggests was developed by Google that depending on 64-bit version or 32-bit, you now very simple, can be incredibly enjoyable and above all flashed open web applications and games , As always, free of charge standing thus the Google Chrome 2015 for iOS browser, the main competitor to Mozilla’s Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The browser of the year?

Chrome browser, fast and reliable, which can not be stopped by any website and surf without mercy. Technologies and many standards enrich and assist in any way Google Chrome 2015 for iOS. Applications such as Angry Birds are now done easily from the super search engine browser.


Worry-free surfing

Google account is able to exchange the compound navigation data and bookmarks. Synchronize between multiple computers and devices, Google offers a new feature. Now it is also possible applications in the “Google Chrome 2015 for iOS” browser to run that give no problems.

User Customization

The user adaptation in Google Chrome 2015 for iOS usage at the user, Google “Chrome” can surf on that computer without which änert personal settings for each. What is now available and is new is that you customize “Google Chrome” Extensions ordinary or many themes as you want. There are finite resources selection that caters for all needs.


• Many extensions and themes
• exceptional high mileage
• Tip incognito mode
• Includes built-in translator and PDF Reader
• Data synchronization to life
• Dealing with the privacy of each as desired


• Synchronization Options only possible with Google Account
• Passwords are not imported
• Blocks 10% of malware