Google Chrome 2015 for Linux

Google Chrome 2015 for Linux

“Google Chrome 2015 for Linux”: New Google Chrome web browser is now 64-bit version or 32-bit each, can easily be indescribably pleasant relaxed by the Google company can open and quickly developed especially for web applications and games. As always, it was free and I want to destroy the browser Google Chrome 2015 for Linux, Mozilla and Internet Explorer is the most important super alternative.

No standard web browser

Google Chrome 2015 for Linux If you have any initiatives this year which is a faster web browser to surf on any websites without much stress. Here, Google Chrome, all available technologies such as HTML 5 and other things and is based on standards. Complex and Chrome Remote Desktop is executed by the web browser such as complicated and longer.


Very private screened Now

Compounds with your Google Account at any time in a row of computers and devices in sync Google Chrome bookmarks and navigation data are possible. The whole package is specifically for Android or iOS system and very satisfying Google Chrome users. Standard data, such as Google Chrome 2015 for Linux in incognito mode cookies now, its already full of images recorded on the hard disk and therefore very interesting for privacy known.

Full customization for the user

For most users, Google Chrome 2015 for Linux without any change in the use of all personal settings, which you can surf with Google Chrome in an independent single computer different people. New Google Chrome 2015 for Linux, you will be Extensions and Themes can also customize. Which all have many options to meet the needs and offering something. If you can create themes easily be created.