Google Chrome 33 Download

Google Chrome 33 Download

Google Chrome Download

Google Chrome 33 definitely deserves its position as a browser expected .
As its own download manager , superior features to Chrome incognito browsing mode and synchronize bookmarks , already make a stand – App. In version 33 , which makes it even more user-friendly new features , as well as adds some tweaks .

new Features

Aramayeteneg directly from the address bar of Google Chrome is one of the big advantages . Now , when writing the Omnibox , Google Chrome 33 , the address bar , offers several recommendations . Google Chrome thinks its results more fully , depending on how still only a primitive, download a page can be selected. Popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter are confident now charging immediately .

Google Chrome 33 downloads a file , the malware can contain anything harmful to DAPC thinks or time can now receive alerts . This downloads the source server by following the land and makes comparison sites . The potential for malware downloads about privacy when it comes to Google Chrome if you look at the browser settings you can disable this feature .

Updates and Improvements

Google Chrome 33 is designed to enhance the user experience performs several minor updates . Now you can zoom up to 500% – the first 33 pages of Google Chrome , more compatible with other browsers must make advanced zoom . In addition, the print preview shows in its own tab now , but a lot can be configured does not appear in a modal window – improves your workflow and faster printing. The History tab in Google Chrome 33 has undergone a redesign . I do not want to be seen there now filter out even allow you to remove certain areas .

More than a dozen security updates also an update for the V8 JavaScript engine , and so on. In short, these changes are not only faster – and with even more güvenliinternet .
In addition they , Version 33 would be great vulnerability . Some errors related to security, Google Chrome last update 33 software therefore safer browsing experience will help to make .

Chrome Extensions

Not just now rivals ( and in many cases better ) in Firefox, but more technical extension API, with the sizinbükül have to use the Google Chrome a series of 33 extensions can trust – last but not least, the extensions vary are developing , we have an idea , this ‘ even if they become an extension may be easier to make .
Gibies Firefox or Internet Explorer If you are considering the conversion from the common future we heartily recommend Google Chrome as a browser would !

Google Chrome 33 , Google’s browser to make a great browser , mixed with a variety of powerful tools for a clean, minimalist interface.

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