Google Chrome Apps 2014

Google Chrome Apps 2014

Google Chrome Apps 2014

Chrome apps instead of desktop applications
Google Chrome” Chrome Apps 2014″ on a new type of applications, announces the launch of its fifth birthday . They also run offline and hangitarayıc is not anything else to see , behave like normal desktop applications . “Chrome Apps 2014” is an application platform, so finally.

They have a full screen on demand , work offline , but in any case, open a browser and directly from the desktop appears to be opened and the auto-update themselves to send the USB and Bluetooth , desktop notifications can access and automatically applies the account connected devices in sync : Google explains how “Chrome Apps 2014” resmenchro “Google Chrome Web Store 2014” is now a new generation is enabled apps.

After I published my version of tarayıcısınınilk five ylchro now is a platform for these applications . These HTML, CSS and Javascript has been developed using web technologies such as . “Google Apps 2014” offers to those mentioned previously but the developers so they can access additional programs , including direct USB Packaged Apps APIs , Bluetooth and built-in camera , if the user has explicitly allowed once during the installation .

The so-called packaged applications were launched in July 2012 . They initially out there offer users a direct link yoluylachro Although the Chrome Web Store, found via the search . This version uses a user Chrome’undev channel eğeraramachro packaged applications dip to my Web store’dachro since March 2014 has changed. Now, all of the stable version of “Google Chrome app 2014″browser for users of this free returns .

Packaged applications such as distributed so that for a while now , Google ‘s flagship applications üzerinderesm some can apply for the launch . This is a simple image editor Pixlr Retouch , to-do list app Wunderlist provides Veøy Cracking Sands .
However, at the same time since the beginning everything was just yesterday, a preview version of Mac OS X. In Windows, the necessary application launcher, is working in “Google Chrome Apps 2014” . A Linux version will follow as well .


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