Google Chrome: It’s worth an Update of the Browser

Google Chrome: It’s worth an Update of the Browser

The fresh edition brings a mix of new features for Android, iOS and Windows. However, a function is lost.

In addition to the new features are – as with any current browser generation – the security improvements in the foreground.

So this time the developers have fixed 41 vulnerabilities, 22 of which pays for the browser manufacturers in total $ 105,837 to the discoverer of the vulnerability. Further details are Google really just for these 22 vulnerabilities. Accordingly fall 13 gaps in the category seriously, a vulnerability is rated “critical” even at the highest risk level. For Chrome users alone security adjustments provide more than enough reasons to update to the fresh version.


The main cuts of Chrome 47 includes a Painted function. As has anyway hardly anyone used, they are likely to miss only a few users. We are talking about only in 2013 introduced Notification Center (Notification Center). To simplify keeping the browser, the notification center is now flying out of the program. This affects the Chrome versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Google points out that Mac OS X (since 10.8), set Windows 10 and Linux on central message centers. Only the cloud operating system Chrome OS Google stirred the feature to display messages from apps and extensions, not to.

It has become a trend to merge operating concepts: Microsoft wants to establish with 8/10 Windows operating system for a variety of device classes, now Google lays the foundation for the unification of websites and apps. For some time, there is the possibility of storing Web services for quick access to the home screen on Android devices.


Google Chrome 2016

Just as apps to show in the future also Internet services known as splash screens. This is a graphic that bridges the charging time by tapping the icons, so in short order a loading screen. Website creators it is open to define a custom color and an (animated) icon. One innovation is linked to the waiting splash screens, which confers Online offers a characteristic color. Now it is the operators of the web pages possible to color the address bar of Chrome users on Android – during which offers are opened.

One way to regulate the display changes, the user has not. At the bottom of the screen Google introduces something new: an info bar called a snack bar. The shows when a file is downloaded. Per fingertip smartphone users open the transferred element. The fresh download manager lists outplayed photos or documents and sorts them even by date.

For owners of Apple’s latest smartphone series provides Google with Chrome 47 a new reason to let Safari also lie sometimes to the left. Because of the current Google browser supports 3-D-touch capability of iPhone and iPhone 6S 6S Plus. With a stronger pressure on the Chrome icon to call up either the voice search or open a new (incognito) Tab.

The novelty RequestID leCallback is aimed primarily at Web developers: make about the future determines the utilization of the browser. To ensure a refresh rate of 60 frames per second, the browser performs complex arithmetic work through only if Chrome has to do in idle mode bit. Of which the pace should benefit. Google also reported to have improved the data compression feature introduced in Chrome 28, the Android version. Up to 70 percent of the regularly occurring data Google wants to save his optimized process. Who wants to try it, you have to be patient: The optimized method is currently only available in India and Indonesia, other countries will follow in the coming months.


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