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Google Chrome 2017 Update – Latest Chrome Update

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“Google Chrome 2017” web browser was ready to provide a new update. “2017 Chrome” vulnerabilities have five developers. They also progress Netscape plug-in compatible driver for the old interface pension.

Google’s Chrome web browser for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame is available in the new version of 2017. Chrome Frame, a plug-in for Internet Explorer, however, must be set in a few months. In the new version of Chrome developers a total of five vulnerabilities fixed claims.


Vulnerabilities of “Google Chrome 2017 Update”

Three of these vulnerabilities have been reported by external security researchers. All three flaws use-after-free so-called vulnerabilities. Wherein the program code, access to the memory area is previously released. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability to inject and execute code, but to access the system can not break out the Chrome sandbox.

For an update that other programs might be affected, because Google still holding back details of constant vulnerability. Created by third parties about various software libraries used in the project, since what may. Another possibility, other browsers such as Apple Safari and Chrome is based on Webkit open source version of Chrome or Opera are based version has Chrome 2017.

Google developers for the next year I want to remove support for NPAPI interface. People increasingly use modern interfaces need to be replaced with new ones – Software developer plugin such as Sergey Ulanov writes the Chrome blog. So this, for example, a Chrome browser extension with a password manager can be synchronized over the “Chrome 2017” available for Chrome browser by using Native Messaging API on a locally installed desktop applications can communicate. Google Chrome Update