Google Chrome Web Store 2014

Google Chrome Web Store 2014

“Google Chrome Web Store 2014”


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“Chrome Web Store”: Search engine giant “Google Chrome Web Store 2014” has released its alternative to Apple’s App Store.
“I have an app for everything!” – So today, Apple introduced the mini-market programs, but has done a lot now. Indeed, for everything else, just not at the same time, there are now any apps. So “Google Chrome Web Store 2014” Chrome browser is now closely connected to the home network, his “Web Store” is hosting.

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“Google Chrome Web Store 2014” only allows Chrome Extensions from your own Web Store

Users of “Google Chrome Web Store 2014” Chrome browser can obtain extensions from January only from a single source – the official Chrome Web Store. This was decided for safety reasons the provider . Plug -ins from other sources , the browser will block 2014 .

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But a blog entry of engineering director Erik Kay , according to the restriction applies only to the stable and the beta version of the browser on Windows. “Google Chrome Web Store 2014″ for Mac OS X and Linux is so little affected as well as the developer and Canary versions.

Developers have additionally to test the possibility of ” inline installs ” new extensions locally. “Google Chrome Web Store 2014” – For companies, it should pass the opportunity by policy, local to install extensions .

Developers of browser extensions suggests Kay, these as soon as possible to set in the official store . But already installed Extensions to function as usual . “Google Chrome Web Store 2014” – Developers can also opt to exclude their extensions from the Web Store.

The problem is the measure especially for providers of software enhancements regularly invites – about security suites . But they too have their deals partly already moved in the “Google Chrome Web Store 2014”.

Earlier “Google Chrome Web Store 2014” had announced that it will block all Chrome Extensions from January 2014 , the plug- in based on the Netscape Application Programming Interface ( NPAPI ) . Temporarily , the company wants to allow some exceptions , however, still , about Microsoft’s Silverlight and the own “Google Chrome Web Store 2014” Earth Plug – in . This happens because of safety concerns about the NPAPI architecture; such plug-ins are also no longer available on the Web Store.

The Chrome Web Store incidentally, is divided into three segments. At the start of the first field apps. A navigation bar on the left there is also access to extensions, and themes for the browser.

“Google Chrome Web Store 2014” names Extensions, apps and add-ons extensions yaratabilir.bilin a big difference a small icon in the search bar of a browser extension that implements the proposal of the application, can not be var.eklenti its graphical interface.