Google launches Attack on WhatsApp

Google launches attack on WhatsApp

When text message services Google gaveso far the field rival. According to “Wall Street Journal” that should change.

NEW YORK.Google wants to attack with a smarter Messenger today’s short message Primus Facebook, according to a newspaper report. The Internet company was developing a service with so-called chatbots, which should provide useful information automatically, wrote the “Wall Street Journal” on Wednesday, citing informed people. “Google WhatsApp” –  would thus bring its know-how in Internet search and artificial intelligence in the pan.

900 million users in WhatsApp

Google vs. WhatsApp – Facebook is currently a leading player in the region with over 900 million users in the purchased service WhatsApp and more than 700 million in-house messenger. “Google and WhatsApp” – This will expand the online network to a communications platform for many aspects of daily life. In the US is just the personal assistant “M” tested, which should also book for Messenger users, for example, travel or reserve seats at the restaurant. The computers are supported by people. “Google vs. WhatsApp” – When Google’s response appears, the “Wall Street Journal” According to is still unclear.

In Asia and has other messaging services such as Line or WeChat Chinese provider Tencent successfully. There are also many other smaller providers such Telegram. Users of Apple devices can communicate via the in-house SMS Alternative iMessage.

Google vs. WhatsApp

Google vs. WhatsApp – Restarting in the business is considered difficult: users often resort to Apps, already use many of their friends and contacts. With the chatbots Google could also provide a link to its leading Internet search engine directly in the Messenger: The user could then type in your question as a text message.

Google vs. WhatsApp –  tried in October, the company to buy 200 Labs, which operates an online marketplace for chatbot-Telegram reported that “Wall Street Journal”. But 200 Labs had refused the offer. Google wants to let his Messenger also chatbots various developers, said one of the sources of the newspaper.