Google Web Font 2014

Google Web Font 2014

“Google Web Font 2014”

“Google Web Fonts” in website designers  with standard font will allow you to go pretty bleak . Free text can be integrated without local installation bileweb pages , so can be displayed correctly in .

In the category of your web Arial , Helvetica, and Co. will use one external fonts for design , web users olasılıkilgil not installed and neatly typed appears shattered detailed layout is quite high. Here’s help from” Google Web Fonts” . Currently more than 500 families are ready to use for free .

Serifs , manuscripts and screen types with or without the sort of typographic fonts for the “Google Web Fonts” . In addition, the area outside the Latin alphabet fonts are available. With the slider at maturity, a width , line thickness and displayed in italics fontseçi will restrict the angle of inclination . In addition, the long and narrow Web App typographic effect of continuous text .

If you have an appropriate font to be found by clicking this takes you into his personal collection . Relevant program code , but also” Google Web Fonts 2014 “is a practical example .