How to set Chrome to default browser

How to do Chrome to default browser

“How to set Chrome to default browser ?”

More often find home computers Google Chrome browser . Because of its speed and stability , more and more users of the Google Chrome web browser tarafındangoogl decide to download and install . Furthermore, complete software , with a clear user interface and ease of use convince . Who worked functionality of Google Chrome , Google Chrome as your browser , usually daily decides to use .

If Google Browser installed on the computer for the first time , learn how to set up Google Chrome . Familiarize yourself with the program and a web browser to find the most frequently used functions try . If you are comfortable with the operation and what interests you browser ,” Google Chrome your default browser”, you should consider to make .

Google Chrome the “default browser “when installing the same thing

If you want to make Google Chrome your default browser, after installing Google Chrome will ask directly . If you want to try for the moment only the web browser , if you have at this point , of course, as a daily browser to continue to use your existing web browser has denied. But what if you want to get everything now , of course not need to uninstall Google Chrome only , but the program can go directly to your default browser interface .

Browser Google Chrome is the default program menu, then the

, Change the default browser , open Google Chrome and ( three horizontal lines, one above the other ) settings menu in the top right corner , select ” About Google Chrome ” select . In the window that opens for you to access help or to report a problem with Google Chrome , as well as information about the version , you’ll see the button . In addition, at this point, a search began for updates to keep your current browser . This is normally , but occurs automatically .

Now the left ” Settings” area , select . Google has Chrome’unfarkl settings window opens. If you scroll to the bottom at this point , you can also make Google Chrome my default browser will see a setting for . Google Chrome is the default browser that already at this point, just as a warning is displayed.

As the default browser by clicking on hyperlinks from other documents such as Word files , such as opens. Best with Google Chrome , so if you want to open all the links , you can set as your default browser .