How to use Google Chrome

How to use Google Chrome

How to use Google Chrome? settings How, plug-ins How to install what are tricks, we have created Google Chrome how public and private settings … Google Chrome is a good instruction manual for detailed information seekers on the use. Are you ready to be read by a thoroughly knowledgeable and “Google Chrome” users can use the best?

Note: I assume that Google Chrome installed on your device, and start telling the direct use. If you are unfamiliar with making Google Chrome installation, first look at the bottom part of the installation of this essay.

Google Chrome buttons


New tab

Click on the gray area with no icon in a new tab in the upper left portion of the small crosshair window when you open a new tab in Google Chrome, check the right diamond. this way will be opened in a new tab. Pressing [Ctrl] and [T] key to open a new tab by pressing at the same time t.

New window

How to use Google Chrome- Click on the new window right of the symbol in the upper right side of the browser Stars triple striped icon to open a new window. will be opened in the second row of the window “New Window” tab and click on the window will be opened. Pressing [Ctrl] + [N] key to open a new tab by pressing at the same time t.

New incognito window

How to use Google Chrome – New incognito window open a new incognito window can be useful in some cases. If we want to get our example to the website or personal information while browsing the Internet should do internet surfing information on our position in this window. In this way, we will protect our privacy. To open a new incognito window, click the icon next to the star as three striped top and # 3 is located in the opened window, click the “New incognito window” tab. If you want to open the tab with the shortcut keys on the keyboard, [Ctrl] + [Shift] and [N] keys can open by pressing simultaneously.


How to use Google Chrome – History History tab takes you to a page you saved window so that you can surf the internet. Here opens a window in the form of order sought by the names of the latest sites and has an interface that provides ease of finding sites. If you want to open the keyboard with shortcut keys [Ctrl] and [H] keys will open your press simultaneously. Let’s look at the History window features: the History window “Clear browsing data” he hit a button in our eyes. If you press this button if you are entangled in the past how the website which will help you delete will be opened in a separate window. Different options are available for deleting the scan data in the newly opened window.

In this new box on top of the window, you select which time zone you want to delete the history of the Internet erases that. Just below the currently selected “Browsing history”, “Download history”, “cookies and other site data with plug-in data,” “cached images and videos” option should remain as a click. In this way, files will be deleted in the past. Here “passwords” I have a box. Passwords option in the box that let you delete Tiksi Registered password. Make it the subject you want to delete and click on that they’re deleted. One under “auto-fill form data” option there. Here you also get unsigned.

Because of text typed in forms automatically be writing more easily and will help you fill out forms. Checked the box, do you want to dasiln and “Clear browsing data” button. The lowest will be two options would also not deleted is deleted. You will not be much of a contribution. “Hosted application data” If you say what is; Here you have an application that you install the Chrome browser from Google Chrome stores data used for the deletion of her own. “Content licenses” section of the website you surf the certificate and delete the files that record the license. Click this section even if you loathe or something like that I would not notice much.


How to use Google Chrome – Downloads a file on your computer as the default setting if you download Google Chrome “documents” folder in the “downloaded” shall make downloads folder. Download the form you file “I wonder where this file?” she’ll stop calling. You can handle this problem in two ways. If you want to easily see the Downloads window with a keyboard shortcut [Ctrl on the keyboard] and [J] keys to press simultaneously, and the window will be opened immediately. Figure 1; Each download file to be downloaded in order to ask you where you need to be logged in to fix Google Chrome settings. To correct this setting, click the Google Chrome web browser and the upper edge of the right most three altalt striped icon and click the Settings tab. The Settings window opens, with the aid of the scroll buttons Maus download page down and the bottom “Show advanced settings” link. Right down a long page will open. Scroll down the page and in close proximity to a lower amount than under Downloads you can see the following picture.

How to use Google Chrome – As you can see in the picture “before downloading asked every file that’s where you saved” check the box next to the text and thus no longer asks for a file downloading will be down to you where this file and you will download to a folder you can find easily. Figure 2. In fact, this is the easiest method. That is prompting you to download the file and direct download to the desktop without trouble. Instead of looking at the file in the desktop folder so it will be easier to see in the new file. Let’s get back to the same place to do it at least before the settings window. Let’s remove the mark this time and click on the mark and remain empty boxes. Then the right of option where it says that a download location on the “Change” button and click on the top option as you can see in the picture below “desktop” icon and click OK to finish saying the settings. If you can not see the desktop icon and slide the scroll bar upwards, and surely the desktop icons are there. It is uppermost. You can look at the picture.

Last tabs

How to use Google Chrome – The last tab on the last tab, it is a fact that many unused feature in Google Chrome settings. If you click the settings tab in Chrome mania “last tab” to see the text and turn it on maui. And you will see that it is listed in the order of websites you use.


How to use Google Chrome – Bookmarks Bookmarks are one of Chrome’s features we use the most. We save bookmarks with Google Chrome browser to a website that we like to note that we found while browsing the Internet. So that we do not have to call again later when we want to look at the site. Before the website to see all the landmarks, we will need to do active bookmarks toolbar. To do this, first click on the icon in yinet settings settings we use Google Chrome and links within pop-up window “bookmarks” by maui Bring on the link in a new window will open again.

How to use Google Chrome – How to use Google Chrome – In this new window, “Show bookmarks bar” at the top of your browser if you click on the link you will see the opening of a new toolbar. Refer to the following pictures to see. Let’s see how we save a website after making the bookmarks bar of the active bar to the Res. This Looking at the picture below, you can easily do in two different ways.

  1. 1 method using the drag and drop method with the Mouse: Hold the icon Mouse That left mouse key is to save on a website bookmarks you open your web browser she left side of the URL of the website and release the left mouse button while drag it and over on the toolbar. There is a button will be the name of that site immediately. if you click on that button you will see the opening of the site.
  2. 2. method when the web page you like, toolbar, press the right mouse button Move the mouse over and the bottom of the pop-up window “on page add” information belonging to click on the link opens in pop-ups that page will come up automatically. You just “save” button in the toolbar, you can save this page easily.

Google search engine website

How to use Google Chrome – Both here will put the toolbar during the registration process by shortening the name of the site can make up less space. and right-click buttons that you opened the window you can see the name of the site and the information therein is the URL “name” can abbreviate long words in the section. E.g ; “Google search engine website” when “Google” can use the toolbar to view by the more convenient. See the picture below.

How to use Google Chrome – If you register a website with drag and drop, and then the name is long and you want to shorten click the button right mouse button you want to shorten and the pop-up window “edit” link to edit page will be opened and the necessary changes made after sont “Save” button and regulations are completed . Another use of the placemark in the “asterisk” usage. So how does this work? For example, a favorite web page you see an asterisk on the right edge of the line as the URL link of the website is. The color is a dull gray. Or if you press the star color will be yellow. After you have marked all the pages that are saved as bookmarks yellow stars. (But not saved bookmark toolbar). So where are saved? There will need to be logged in the Google Chrome web browser to view it.

How to use Google Chrome


How to use Google Chrome – It is indeed a place for you to save the data of the user interface of Google Chrome. So the Google Chrome browser with a few brothers kullanıyorsanz the chance to present options to each of you a special bookmark. What if the user name who opened the Google Chrome bookmarks will appear on her own. But as we have just said it does not appear in the toolbar. Situated on the toolbar “* Bookmarks” You can see it when you click the bookmark icon. Gelgelel whichever is more convenient. First  is always handy. so it is easier to save a website to an asterisk and not the toolbar is useful. If you put a website to your bookmarks toolbar dollar will begin to appear after 8 one website and other sites. What should you do in this situation? Of course, you can create a folder toolbar. Mouse-click on the toolbar to create a folder and right to bring the “Add folder” link and type in the folder name in the window “Save” button to create the folder.

How to use Google Chrome – What does that; For example, “search engines,” said that all the search engines into that folder, create a folder, we save all the sites. Or such “social sites,” it creates a folder and how we collect them all if social website under this folder. We even do more than that. For example, “My site” we create a folder. A “brother’s website,” we create another folder. the folders of our own website, drag and drop method to move here. So we have done a good archive sites all through subfolders own. See the following picture:

How to move folders in the toolbar on the interior of each other?

How to use Google Chrome – Here again use the drag and drop method. Hold the left mouse button when the folder you created and drag it over onto the other if there is a folder inside another folder, while they will also be displayed. If you want to put into them which continue to drift and leave it comes onto the correct folder. Ok if you want to put into the main folder of the other folders inside the main folder is turned to leave, even to the parent folder. It’s that easy. You can also post on other websites in this way by dragging the folder into. Google Chrome is very easy to use regularly.

How to use Google Chrome – The image settings when you complained that the text of web pages in the Google Chrome web browser or paintings seem small, this feature will work for you. Settings can reduce or enlarge the size of all the objects can appear in the window that appears you can make it here. After tıkladk the settings icon in the upper right side of the browser to edit the image settings on the pop-up window “Zoom” option of the right side “- 100% + ‘sign if the articles if you minus the click and the web page starts to shrink smaller than once each time you press.

the Google Chrome grows

How to use Google Chrome – If you press the plus sign in the same way this time started to grow. mamn you leave the degree of your stay and will continue to use it. If just one of them right on the edge of “[]” has a similar symbol in this way it is when you click on the Google Chrome grows and your display completely covers the full screen. You have full screen history. If you want to exit this screen keyboard or the “F11” key or when you switch to the new screen “when you switch to full screen” next to the alert “go full screen” link, you can check out here. It is possible to make the option set with the mouse.

How to use Google Chrome – Round scroll wheel on the mouse, the keyboard [ctrl] key while pressing you turn, you turn up or grow or shrink in the downward direction. If you want to return the settings are counted. The keyboard [ctrl] and [0] keys at the same time you press the screen size will be restored first. Display settings are you so. [wpanch is id = “printing”] is a function you can use if you want to print a web page with the printer in Print Google Chrome. It can be easily opened with a shortcut key on the keyboard; [Ctrl] and [P] key to print window will appear if you press simultaneously. I would like to refer to the settings in the print screen “Target” Here are the options that will help you to select your printer. Select one of the printers connected to your computer. Google Chrome will usually find the printer automatically.

How to use Google Chrome – Often there is no need to tamper with the area. You will see a view of a web page that are selected in the Print screen on the right side. If printing is shifting scroll down the page and you’ll have plenty of content to make a few page will print on A4 paper can not fit into a single article for it. This is why the left edge “Pages” next to the title of “All” option is active. In this way, all the pages are printed. But you just want to print page 5 for example, you want to make paper and ink savings. So that “all” indicates that the bottom of the box, click on the sign “5”, and the care of this problem easily.

How to use Google Chrome – Let’s look at another function: “Edit” next to the title page we will select our option whether to print in portrait or landscape. usually vertical, but sometimes we want to print an image horizontally and may want to do this, you can select the horizontal option in this case. “Color” as a function to save a teen, this option is available to us. If the page you want to print color tones If you need page of “black and white” If you print by clicking you will spend less ink. “Color” all the pages will be printed in color if selected.

How to use Google Chrome – A bottom “More settings” link there, you can select the paper size option will be among the new options opened clicking. Classic A4 size paper is considerably. But if we print too large to put my printer paper for a big different options and can choose A6 or larger page here. Anyone who knows the paper size settings are the ones that have already been learned already. I do not see the need to enter more details about the so paper sizes. “Margins” It may be important. Sometimes you can see that much space on the screen of the web page kağla. In this case, ignore the margins left as the default page, and we may want to use all the space on the paper. In this case, the function of this option to “None” option is to click will be useful. If the “Minimum” If selected, Google Chrome page on your screen will try to proportional enough to fit in this paper. “Special” Those who want the option to set an example, we may want to leave some space at the left edge, use this space to turn.

How to use Google Chrome – (It is often used is to be placed in a folder with paper or punch by punch) at the option of using the edge of the right side print page we make selected dotted blue’ll see a vertical two lines … That line can adjust the spacing that you want to slide it left or right. “Header and footer information” this option, the page will print on which it was received on the website or page that is relevant to what matters. Click unwilling can deselect the function. “The background graphics” This feature is used to add to it if you have an image or color printing options in the background of the web page. Print features are you so. In the upper left edge to finish printing the “Print” button and wait for the print will be completed.

Save page

How to use Google Chrome – This feature helps to save the page to save the file on your computer as a pop-up web pages. When clicking here, at the bottom of saving the recording window “recording yearn for” the right of the article “Web Page, Complete” There are options. This way you save all files to be recorded along with the web page and even then he will be able to see this page from the internet entirely eliminated page. But the other option “HTML Only” in this case the code of the web page that will save you select a single html page. This will not change the code on the page. This zöellig should use the code in the user needing more websites. Keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] and [S] are the key. Remember to press the keys simultaneously. Bassam later in the other while holding down one or two of which are pressing becomes important.


How to use Google Chrome – Find a word in the Search This option is used when we opened a web page. Keyboard shortcut key [Ctrl] and [F] d. Clicking this option will display a search box in the upper right edge of the browser. Type a word in the search box and Google Chrome will show you the number and you now that word is and how many for you to easily find the positions on both pages that word of the background color will be marked with a light yellow color. You can toggle between words by clicking the arrows on the right side of the search box. Click on a cross on the right side to close the search box.


How to use Google Chrome – Cut to copy edit a text page + copy + paste feature in this section is part of the show together. Usually we do not use this feature here. The post will select and right click the mouse and ileseç we make the copy process.


How to use Google Chrome – Help section will actually take you to a page explaining how to use Google Chrome. You can also use this menu when you want to access different information help the ones described here.

How to use Google Chrome – Login usually when you first installed Google Chrome tells us to login and you do not see a Kensie After logging. But do not worry you’ll find it and close the session will show you where you can open another I sit here. Signing in search results for the user, it will save a lot of statistics, such as care of the web pages and in later times you will bring the search results will give priority again to the most interesting web pages you when you do a search you will have a scanner. This helps you to quickly find what you are looking for. So log can be useful.

the Google Chrome grows