Chrome to Phone

Chrome to Phone “Chrome to Phone “ “Google Chrome to Phone” browser extension link from the browser on your Android phone, maps, text and phone numbers to send. Button “Google Chrome to Phone” a free browser extension so that they use on the go, Android mobile phone website links, text, numbers, maps, and Google Maps […]

Chrome OS 2014

Chrome OS 2014 “Chrome OS 2014” “Google Chrome OS 2014″every so netbook operating system released the beta version of “Chrome Linux 2014” and wanted to go out through the open source code that can be used in a virtual machine image already exists. Operating systems such as VirtualBox, VMWare disk format is being offered and […]

Chrome Android 2014

Chrome Android 2014 “Chrome Android 2014” Simple and fast interface , offering the” Google Chrome for Android ” tablet devices and mobile version for smart phones is prepared . “Chrome Android “desktop computer that you use in your web browser to use all features on your mobile device allows. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich installed […]

Chrome Mobile 2014

Chrome Mobile 2014 “Chrome Mobile 2014” Google in April, analyze and adapt to the mobile website mobile website to allow creation I ‘ had taken on the broadcast . English started broadcasting services are now under serving. “Google mobile 2014″from the block received the news that this new website on your mobile device […]