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The Google Chrome

The “Google Chrome”

Wiretapping case “Google Chrome” – How site operators can trick the microphone

“Google Chrome “can be manipulated so that foreign website operators can listen to their users. Google is the security breach of its browser has long been known , however, does nothing .

“Google Chrome” side operators could capture microphone function

The” Google Chrome” browser is encountering faced with a serious security problem. As an Israeli programmer has found foreign website operators with criminal intent can apparently easily manipulate the Mikrofron function of the browser and listen to users , at worst, unnoticed. The problem should Google be known since September of last year , one to close the security gap , the search engine company but not yet initiated.

In order for the security leak attacks , users must have previously enabled Mikrofron support for a particular web page . Not unusual, but many websites now offer searches by voice or the ability to login via the browser in Skype. Criminals can therefore manipulate the ( free and secure ) HTTPS certificate used on many websites . They turn practically between users and web page, a new browser window in the background by unnoticed – a so-called pop-under – will be placed. Usually informs “Google Chrome” users about the active Mikrofron , in this case, but they know nothing about it. A serious case of interception , to set up capture for example talks of the user. To circumvent the problem, the voice recognition should be disabled by default.

Google itself sees ” no immediate problem “

The Israeli programmer wants informed by its own account as early as September last year about the problem Google. So far, “Google Chrome” has , however, provided no software update only the simplest of means – and will probably not do so in the future: “We have investigated the case again , and believe that it is not an immediate problem, since users must allow each website individually , the to use the microphone , ” said a company spokesperson . The see many users but obviously different. They nominated the security breach even for the ” Chromium Reward program” that resourceful programmers rewarded for the detection of such security leak.