Web Fonts 2014

Web Fonts 2014

“Web Fonts 2014”

We advanced to a new agreement with “Google Fonts” popular Google we can offer free desktop versions look through . These fonts for printing projects , now pending delivery technology with gelenpatent skyfonts article about anywhere you can .

A script has been expanded with new characters update or always , skyfonts version update automatically to your device . Time is saved because hard for you to download fonts skyfonts” Google font” synchronization, optimized web browsing .
Google about fonts

“Google Fonts “can be downloaded or embedded into websites with hundreds of families , open source is written for use on the web is housed .
about skyfonts

Skyfonts desktop fonts are easy to install and can be synchronized with up to 5 devices provides a simple, patent-pending tool.
Now on the last tedious to install and manage font files : If you focus on creative work without worrying about font management skyfontsark in the background so you can do this for you automatically .
Text Installation

Google desktop versions of fonts installed on your computer skyfonts . Just click on your favorite article , and automatically synchronize your device is ready to use immediately .
Scripture there is no time limit on the use and install additional fonts that Google will be sent to your device automatically , so you always have your favorite dergiso version .
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