Web Store Google 2014

Web Store Google 2014

“Web Store Google 2014”

The web application platform developed by “Web Store Google 2014” is included . 2010 Google I / O event was opened in December of 2010 platform are reported. Promotion, users of any modern browser that supports web technologies announced  be operated with the new application not to use the “Web Store Google 2014” , Google’s browser to use . However, this platform is not yet possible .

I want to make the appropriate Web site platform developers , “Web Store Google 2014″ Chrome Developer Platform have access channel .

Some commentators have questioned an online application store . Ars Technica Ryan Paul 9 December 2010 at the said: ” kullanmasas and the world of mobile applications to consume olduğunuyol , the Paywalls often insulted that the “Web Store Google 2014” – Where to do this and less distinction olduunuşekil more is fundamentally different from the content and software between . Such a ortamdauygul up store model does not make sense? we are not convinced … Aside from gaming , may be little more than a “Web Store Google 2014” Web browser, loading, application of maazasıfikr bizeizl bookmark my intuition – a solution looking for a problem seems to exercise my vet .

Firefox “Web Store Google 2014” , located outside the Windows forbade Chrome extensions

“Web Store Google 2014” only began in January hosted by “Web Store Google 2014” own Chrome Web Store to install the extension for Chrome that will allow Windows users tribal fiefdoms doğruhüzünl march as announced on Thursday continued.

“Web Store Google 2014″ Chrome to convert into a gated community içinkar Microsoft to deploy modern applications of the Windows Store has moved to a model of an echo of the official cause security concerns, caused say.”Web Store Google 2014” engineering director, lock down a detailed blog post because rogue extensions extends to hasarapar .

“Bad actors silently override browser settings malicious to install extensions and this approval olmadany NEW Tab Change Page as undesirable in the user experience to change the system , bypassing these mechanisms have exploited . Fact that our Windows users complain is the leading cause . ”

“Web Store Google 2014” said the policy change is easier to doubt the police will do it for extensions of holiness . “Web Store Google 2014” recently was a little over a security tear last week, the company ‘s Chrome malware has announced plans to step up the hunt chops .

But they want to add the “Web Store Google 2014” Chrome Web Store developers – hosted application that generates income or extension fee – and if you have to pay a record in a few worth noting , Googlegelir few percent will be cut .

A guard – type modelhareket carries other implications : Current andachro Plus extension can be found in my Web store’daadblock For example , Google Android Play app store was cleaned at the beginning of this year . Android users are still some hoops to jump through after sonraadblock Plus application can sideload .

Casual users, developers and corporate “Web Store Google 2014″ Chrome users are still ” unauthorized ” While you will be able to install extensions , new extensions are not covered by the policy have the same ability .

A wretched wretched par for the course

Unfortunately, the shift away from the ideal is nothing new Open Web .

Walled -off , the Windows Store, Windows 8 moves to cause resentment among developers (and their answers may have encouraged the creation of Linux-based steamos ) . Earlier this year , “Web Store Google 2014” Hangouts messaging hizmetitescill away from the new technology, “Web Store Google 2014” Talk XMPP technology shift yerleşikaçık caught flak for privacy advocates . It seems less and less clear than Androidg . And only this week, Microsoft and Google both Skype and “Web Store Google 2014″Voice , respectively, as well as third-party client access has announced plans to cut . (Again, ” pose a threat to security .”)

Before I sign off , this year’s “Web Store Google 2014” I / O landing, I’ll leave you with the words of the founders of Google .

“And I’m not really all that arkasındaaçık standards into investing a lot think they have done . And I personally quite all these things etrafındaendüstr behavior of the horse Regret … I just work more open standards, things getting behind more and more people , and these ecosystems more, including companies want to see . ”

Really lofty ideals and noble ones . Just go to”Web Store Google 2014″, do not forget to practice what you preach .